3-pcs Travel Set
  • 3-pcs Travel Set - White
  • 3-pcs Travel Set - White
  • 3-pcs Travel Set - Black

3-pcs Travel Set

Fra €63.30
    • Black
    • White
  • Side 1 (29mm x 33mm)
    • Uden tryk
    • 1
    Side 1 (20mm x 15mm)
    • Uden tryk
    • 1
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Be well prepared for your trip. With the luggage scale, excess baggage fees are history. With the pad lock and suitcase strap you're sure that belongings are safe inside your suitcase.

Pris information


Contents 0
Item number LT91294_N0001
Brand Toppoint
Weight 29 g
Material PP & ABS
Color White
Height 20 cm
Width 4.2 cm
Length 16 cm